The Terms and Conditions indicated below (the „General Conditions“) regulate the contractual relationship between the user and the company Diseño e Innovaciones Feriales SL. (hereinafter referred to as „DIFER“), incorporated for an indefinite period of time indefinitely under Spanish Law with registration number ES-B-64052202, with registered office at Calle Cervantes 34, 1º 1ª, 08060 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona, Spain.


The subscription of any contract and/or agreement with DIFER implies full and unreserved adherence to the General Conditions set out below.


These General Terms and Conditions shall be sent to the user and may be consulted at any time. In any case, the user is entitled to request a copy from DIFER at any time while the contractual relationship is in force. If the user decides not to accept the current Conditions, he/she must inform DIFER of this, and the contract and/or agreement negotiated by the parties may not be concluded.


    1. The complete budget will always be regulated on a rental basis. Any damage caused during the period of exhibition, transport, manufacture… will be paid by the user.
    2. This budget includes: manufacture (materials, machinery, etc), transport, assembly and disassembly, labour, hotels & per diems and any other project management.


    1. If the design proposal has been made by DIFER, the design and construction drawings are the property of DIFER and may not be copied in part or in whole without prior written permission form DIFER.
    2. If the design proposal has been made by the user, the design and construction drawings shall be the property of the user and may not be copied in whole or in part without the prior written permission of the CUSTOMER.
    3. The quotation includes the renderings and 3D images attached to it. If the design has been made by DIFER, DIFER shall bear the costs of any changes to the design. Any changes made after acceptance of the design, which have cost overruns, DIFER will invoice separately. Any changes to the design made by the user shall be at the user’s expense.
    4. The furniture, graphics, lighting, and special structures shown in the renderings are only indicative and may vary according to availability and requirements of each project.
    5. If necessary, the user shall provide DIFER with all graphic files of images and texts for their production. their production. The editing and design of the graphics are not included in this quote.
    6. DIFER has the right to take and publish photos and videos of its work in progress or finished work and to make use of them on its website, social media, and to use them for internal and external publications on its website, social media, internal and external publications for catalogues, brochures, etc.


    1. Any changes in the specifications of this quotation must be agreed by both parties in writing and may involve variations in the price of the quotation to be borne by the user.
    2. After receiving a signed quotation from the user, any modifications to the project will incur additional costs according to the variation requested.



As a general rule, DIFER’s fees shall be paid as follows:

  1. 50% of the budget on signing the quotation.
  2. 50% of the remaining budget, together with any extras that may have been generated during the project, on delivery of the stand and/or at the start of the exhibition.
  3. If payments are not transferred within the established period, DIFER reserves the right to stop the installation of the stand.


    1. The quotation does not include: Anything not mentioned above, fair/event services, forklifts, cleaning or daily cleaning, water or internet connection, electric panel water or internet connection, electrical switchboard (only the distribution board included), electrical certificate, rigging points, static calculations, fire protection project and materials, static calculations, fire protection project and materials, security personnel, catering, maintenance personnel, any taxes or levies imposed by the organizer/convention centre/fair or city.
    2. At some events or fairs, in addition to the contracted services, the organizers or the venue charge costs related to assembly fees, administration or construction fees, waste management, compulsory contracting of services for unloading and assembly among others. All costs requested by the trade fair organizers shall be borne by the user.
    3. Any additional costs due to late delivery of documentation to the organizers shall be borne by the user.



If any Fair services is requested by the CLIENT to be administered and paid by DIFER S.L., an additional 10% will be charged to the CLIENT.



Transport, custody, storage and logistics of the user’s product involving additional costs will be charged to the customer as they are not included in this quotation.



In case of cancellation of the services by the user, the following fees will be charged by DIFER:


  1. 20% of the total price of the quotation if the cancellation is made between the signing of the contract and 61 days before the first day of installation.
  2. 75% of the total price if the cancellation is made between 60 and 31 days before the first day of setup.
  3. 100% of the total price if the cancellation is made within 30 days before the first day of the event.


    1. DIFER shall not assume any liability or additional costs for damages caused by war, military operations, civil disturbances, natural or man-made events, natural disasters of any kind, states of emergency, epidemics, industrial disputes, accidents, strikes, lockouts, delays of couriers or suppliers or any other cause or event beyond the control of DIFER it is considered a force majeure of fortuitous cause.


    1. The legal relationship between the parties is of indefinite duration.
    2. DIFER reserves the right to modify, at any time, by means of written notice to the user, these General Terms and Conditions.


    1. The user may not assign, transfer, encumber or subrogate in favor of third parties the rights and obligations established in these General Terms and Conditions and, if applicable, in the Special Conditions. these General Conditions and, where applicable, if any, in the Special Conditions.
    2. DIFER may assign, transfer, encumber or subrogate in favor of third parties, either totally or partially, the rights and obligations assumed by virtue of the contractual relationship hereunder, as well as the contractual position to any third party, it being understood by means of this clause that the user grants sufficient authorization to this effect.


    1. All matters that may arise from these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish Law. The user waives the implementation of any other law, convention or conditions of purchase and sale.
    2. It is expressly agreed that DIFER and the user submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona (Spain), which have jurisdiction to deal with any dispute related to the agreement.


    1. Unless otherwise specified, all notices, demands, agreements, consents, acceptances, approvals or communications which are required in accordance with the provisions of these General communications required under these General Terms and Conditions or otherwise in connection therewith shall be in writing and shall be sent to DIFER by mail to the registered office of the company, to the attention of DIFER. in any way connected therewith, must be in writing and sent to DIFER by post to the registered office of the company, for the attention of the Legal Department.



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